Social Efficiency Ideology

(a) The ways in which you may have experience the Tyler rationale in your own schooling?

Throughout my schooling I recall experiencing the Tyler rationale specifically in math classes. Before each unit, my math teacher would tell us the outcomes that we were trying to reach by the end of the unit. By doing this we always knew what was coming and what goals we were working towards. The goal of the Tyler rationale is to have specific outcomes, organized methods to reach them, and methods to assess that the outcomes have been reached. In some of my classes, we did exactly that. We opened a unit by being told what we were to learn, we then went through the unit in the textbook and at the end of the unit we wrote tests.

(b) What are the major limitations of the Tyler rationale/what does it make impossible?

One major limitation of the Tyler rationale is that it does not consider students with various disabilities. Someone with a cognitive disability will not learn in the same way as the average student, but the Tyler rationale does not seem to be overly accommodating to those who have disabilities. Apart from disabilities, every student learns in different ways and if lessons are always taught in the same way, not all students will reach their full potential and reach the outcomes.

(c) What are some potential benefits/what is made possible?

A potential benefit to the Tyler rationale is that there are clear goals. I think that it is a good thing to plan for specific outcomes, but I think that accommodations need to be made to the teaching style in order to achieve the best results and the highest amount of students walking away from the lesson having reached the outcome.


Common sense

This week’s reading focuses of the norms of a classroom and teaching styles. I found it very interesting to consider that people are not questioning the way that things are done because that is the way they have always been done. Students go to school five days each week and move from class to class robotically every hour. I remember when I was in high school, I would wake up in the morning, turn on auto pilot, and go. I found myself to completely zone out and dread going to school because it was the same routine day after day.  The article states that people do not question the norms within a school because they have traditionally worked. We are not considering that something else may work better. In my EMTH 300 class we are discussing a similar topic. We all recall being taught math by being shown what to do and then memorizing formulas and procedures. We are now trying to get away from that and allow students to explore problems and come up with their own solutions rather than simply telling them what to do. All students learn differently, so if they are all being taught the same way each and every day, very few students will reach their full potential. There are many different learning styles and it is important to teach with variety to accommodate all students’ needs.

CBSL Learning Story

This semester I completed 20 hours volunteering at Wascana daycare. Before going, I was very excited because I thought that I loved young children, but I soon found out that I prefer older students. I tried extremely hard to push myself out of my comfort zone while at the daycare, but I always fell back to doing easy things with the children like reading and colouring. Being surrounded by children who are running around, yelling, crying, and trying to tell me things when they can not even talk yet was very stressful for me. I am happy with my choice of major being math and I hope to one day teach in a high school. Working at the daycare taught me not only that I am not a huge fan of children, but also taught me how to deal with young children when I am faced with the challenge.

New Thoughts on Outdoor Ed.

coming into this class I was thinking that I would be learning about going on canoe trips and bringing phys. ed. classes outside. After completing most of the course, I learned many different ways that the outdoors can be incorporated into regular teachings. I have learned that there are ways that you can take every class outside to aid teaching. I think that any class can be taken outside at times, but I also believe that there are things that need to be kept inside. I have mentioned in a previous blog that I was diagnosed with ADD and I know that I would not have been able to learn solely outside because there are extra distractions outside. I think that I would have benefited from having some classes outside, but not all.

I am a math major and I hope to teach high school math. When I have a class of my own, I do plan to bring them outside for the odd lesson and the odd work period, but I do not think that it will be a regular thing that I will do with my class. I think there are opportunities to bring math outdoors, but you definitely have to look for them. The ways to bring math outside will not always be obvious, but they do exist. As I continue with education I plan to keep exploring different ways to use the outdoors to aid teaching.

Regina Indian Industrial School

Last week our class visited the site of the Regina Indian Industrial School. I had never heard of this site so I did not know what to expect when we went there. I was told that we were going to a cemetery, so when driving down Pinkie road, I was looking for a cemetery with the typical grave stones and flowers. As we drove I did not see these things and began to be very confused. We parked where the other cars were parked and walked out into the freezing wind. There was a small square of land that was surrounded by a fence. On the fence people had tied stuffed animals and flowers in memory of the children lost here. Inside the fence was the burial ground for many indigenous children who died at the Residential school. These children were not given a proper burial and many even share graves. There was no respect given to these students before or after their deaths.

Walking around the fence on that cold and extremely windy day got me thinking about what these children had to go through. After walking around the fence a couple of times, I decided to walk inside the fence to a tree where I did my site sitting. Walking over the graves was extremely unsettling. I sat between the branches of the tree and just thought about where I was. The wind was extremely wild and cold. I think that the wind could have been so strong because the spirits of the lost children were there. They wanted us to know that they were there and that they were unhappy.

During our class time at the site of the RIIS, we were all very upset about the weather and how cold it was. We were all saying that we would have rather been inside and gone to this site on another day. We were upset about the 30 minutes of discomfort that we had to go through to visit this site. Now that I think about this, I realize how insensitive we all were. We were angry that we had to be uncomfortable or in pain because of the cold for 30 minutes, but the children who were taken from their homes and were forced to attend RIIS were much more uncomfortable than us. They had to be in that awful place for years where they were abused and treated like garbage. These students went through so much more pain than I have ever gone through in my entire life, so I now realize how easy it was for me to give up 30 minutes to pay respect to these students.

Continuing Site Sitting

As I continue to site sit, I am still having trouble. The days are growing colder and It feels like a chore to actually go outside and be still. I freeze when I go and the only thing that I can focus on is how cold my body is. What I have found to be more affective is going on walks. When I site sit in the winter I cut the time extremely short and I usually feel more angry than connected with the earth.  I have begun going on walks simply for the sake of going on a walk. I will sometimes walk around the neighbourhood, downtown, or around Wascana Lake. When I walk I am not focused on how cold I am because the constant movement keeps me warm.

I get home from walking feeling very refreshed, energized, and happy. I have mentioned in a previous blog that when I am walking, I am only focused on walking. I am not worried about the things that I should be doing or assignments that I have not completed because in that moment, I am walking. I have noticed that since I began walking, I have been in a better mood overall. I plan to continue walking even after this course ends because it has benefited me so much. I will not be continuing to site sit in the winter outside of this class, but this is something that I will definitely be open to trying to site sit in the summer.