What Does my Social Media say About Me?

This week we have been instructed to think about our existing social media and online presence. I mentioned in my last post that I am not the biggest fan of social media. I do not have a Facebook account or a Twitter account and rarely post on my Instagram account. I use Instagram for personal use only and I keep my account set to private. I know that as a young teacher my students will (and already have) try to find me on Instagram so I am very careful about what can be seen. If a student found my account, they would see my bio which is “dress for the dog you want” as well as the link to a sitcom intro style video that my friends and I made for fun. Even if a student had access to my posts, I am confident that everything that I have posted is appropriate and professional.

When asked what I would want to work on in terms of my digital identity I have a very hard time answering. I am not nor have I ever been someone who is overly fond of social media and because of that, I tend to stay off of it. I honestly do not have a desire to create more of a presence online and will likely never post another blog once I am done this course. I know that what I am supposed to say is that I want to learn how to grow my social media and become more active, but that is simply not the case. I recognize that everyone has different likes and dislikes, so I think that it’s fair for me to dislike social media. I also know that most teachers are not bloggers and tweeters, so I know that not being active on twitter will not stop me from getting a job. By saying this all so openly I feel like I am challenging the entire idea of this course, but I think that it is something that is very important to consider and could spark some great conversations/debates!

2 thoughts on “What Does my Social Media say About Me?

  1. Hey Darrian! Great post.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading this. It was honest and open about your idea of social media. We do have the same opinion on social media. I don’t have Facebook, Instagram, or any other form. About two years ago, I deleted my accounts because I was feeling that they weren’t servicing me. Since social media became a large platform, I have never been thrilled about the idea – joining more to be apart of the group. Since I have deleted them, I have never looked back! Well, until this class. I did sign up for twitter last week. I previously did have twitter. This go around, I created a new account to keep strictly “professional”, keeping in mind that my future students will be looking at my profile.
    I am interested in how sticking off of social media has impacted you and what your friends and family think of your choice!
    Take care,


  2. Hey Darrian! I totally agree about with the limited social media use. However, I do have accounts sometimes for school focusing purposes I deactivate my personal Facebook account. I don’t mind going without for months but I didn’t take into consideration what my bios wrote until you wrote yours! On my facebook mine says “Chasing Life” which for me just means chasing my goals. Not much is on my profile mostly youth mentor posts. On twitter I have things like Harry Potter, mom, inclusive education, Treaty 4. I find that my twitter account is more for professional use. You would be amazed to see the different education chats and resources that are shared by educators around the world. Will you be joining in for the #saskedchat this coming week?



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