My Thoughts on Twitter

This past Thursday, I participated in a Sask Ed Chat on Twitter with my classmates in EDTC 400. I have only participated in one of these before for another class, but it had been a while and I actually forgot what to expect. I found it to be very easy to miss a question and responses moved quickly at times, but overall it was an interesting way to connect with other educators. Because of my aversion to social media that I have previously mentioned, I have decided to answer all blog prompts completely honestly and will say that I did feel nervous when tweeting responses. I found that I was worried that I was spamming the feed of my followers who are not in the class. Not only that, but I was constantly nervous that my responses were not good enough, but had to post them to pass the course.

Once again completely honestly I still do not plan on actively using Twitter after this course, but I can see myself browsing Twitter to find stories and articles related to education and mathematics. I do not see myself sharing stories or tweeting on my own. I like that I am able to network and connect with other educators on Twitter, but I am always hesitant because of how public every interaction is. I think that this is an unhealthy mindset to have, but it could be possible that growing up on social media has turned me away from it altogether.

I think that the idea of likes on posts is part of what ruined social media for me. If a post does not get enough likes I am the type of person who may just delete the post. This worry caused me to feel too nervous to even post in the first place. I do want to work on having confidence online, but it is something that would take a lot of time.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Twitter

  1. Darrian, I love the honesty of your post. It is refreshing. I do not use social media as well, other than my new Twitter account.
    I can relate to your nervousness about the quick answer Ed chat. I felt worried about my answers. I was often thinking “No one cares” as I pressed post. I stuck to simple, non controversial answers that I knew were correct. I do think the Sask Ed Chat is a good resource for teachers. Learning and seeing new responses from other educators is useful.
    Thank you for sharing,


  2. Darrian,
    I agree with Brittnee, it is refreshing to read something so honest. Often when I do these types of things for courses, I catch myself only writing what I think the prof wants to read but this is not the case. These posts are for our own personal reflection and development as teachers and it is okay not to like something! I do agree that Twitter is a great place to find resources and connect with other educators though, and that is one of the reasons I think I will continue to use it after this semester!
    Thanks for sharing,


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