My Mini-Lesson

In our last class, I taught a mini-lesson on digital storytelling. I had my classmates use StoryBoardThat to create comics with three images each. I found this to be quite difficult for a number of reasons. The first thing that I found to be difficult was that as a math major, I found it hard to come up with ideas for a lesson that could be brought into highschool math as well as one that could be taught online. I decided to settle on the English 7 curriculum as I thought that I would be better able to meet the assignment criteria. Another thing that I found challenging was actually teaching online. I have never shared my screen before and immediately became stressed while teaching. I also did not like that I was not able to watch what the students were doing while they had time to work on the comic. In a physical classroom, I would typically circulate and help students as they go, but I couldn’t do that during this assignment.

One thing that I loved about my lesson was all of the comics that my classmates made! In a very short amount of time, everyone was able to create a short comic and tell us a story. I think that they were able to be creative and tell us some little stories that we normally wouldn’t hear in class. Although I am not sure if I will be using this program as a math teacher, there are many other free online tools that math teachers can use.

A lot of my classmates are math majors, so to end my blog I just want to share a little bit about my favourite program! is a website that has endless possibilities. The main function is graphing, but there are so many things that you can do with it. I allowed my students to use Desmos on their phones as graphing calculators, but there are also many other pre-programmed demonstrations that it can show. I also love using activities on This site has a great collection of game style intro and review activities for students. Along with the features for students, the teacher is very involved in this process. The teacher can do the activities as a class and control the pacing of the students, as well as select and sequence student responses (shout out to Gale for teaching the five practices). If you have not explored I would highly recommend it!

One thought on “My Mini-Lesson

  1. Darrian,
    I really enjoyed making my storyboard in your lesson and I think it would be a very engaging activity for grade 7 students! Also, thank you so much for sharing that math resource! I saved it so that I can check it out later! Sometimes, coming up with the introduction for a math lesson is the trickiest part for me.
    Thanks for sharing,


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