Cellphones should be banned in the classroom

The topic that I argued in the EDTC debate was that cellphones should be banned in the classroom. Although we did not necessarily need to believe our topic, I absolutely agreed with mine. Cellphones were a major issue during my internship and I feel as though students would have had a much better learning experience if they did not have their cellphones on them. In a perfect world, I think that students should actually not have access to their cellphones at any point during the school day. The main argument against me in the debate was that this would be impossible. 

I think that it is important to remember what the debate topic is when arguing the point. The topic is “Cellphones should be banned in the classroom” not “it is possible to ban cellphones in the classroom”. It was hard for me to beat this point even though I personally do not think that it aligned with the topic itself. Any other point such as parent access to their children or students who need their cellphones because of a disability or medical reason all seemed to be easy to argue against. 

After seeing Josh’s debate, I knew that I would probably begin with a disadvantage being in an educational technologies class. The entire class revolves around learning how to use technology in schools and here I am trying to argue that we should get rid of some of it. In the end, I still absolutely believe that cellphones are a major problem in schools and I hope that one day my dream of a school without cellphones becomes a reality.

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