Schools should not focus on teaching things that can be googled

This debate took a turn that I was not expecting. I think that the debaters argued a topic that was different from how I interpreted the topic, but for this post, I am going to write about the way that I interpreted it.

I think that schools still need to teach things that can be googled because almost everything can be googled at this point in time. Some classes such as history and some science are very based on facts, all of which can be googled. If schools stop teaching things that can be googled, would they teach anything in history class? I also wonder about if schools did not teach anything that was facts-based, what would motivate students to learn about it on their own? I know that if I did not have to learn about the French Revolution in school, I probably wouldn’t have ever learned about it. This is the biggest reason that I think that is important that schools still teach these topics.

Victor had an interesting point about googling things being a low level of learning which is true. I think that it is important for teachers to teach things in a way that will support higher levels of learning, but I do not think that this is possible without some focus on topics and ideas that can be researched via google.

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